20 Seasons

Boxing is an excellent form of exercise for individuals with Parkinson's! Research has shown functional mobility and quality of life improvement, for people who participated in boxing classes. Boxing involves power, speed, footwork and cognitive demands! Stephanie and Claire are certified in Rock Steady Boxing, and our work outs follow the format of RSB classes, although we don't utilize all the different bags since we are doing our workouts at home! There is still a lot you can do with boxing even without the specialized equipment. This class starts with a warm up, then the boxing workout includes combinations with shadow boxing and agility activities, then we work our core, and finally cool down.

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  • Intro to Boxing

    Episode 1

    Hey fighters!

    I just wanted to share a quick intro for you guys so you know what to expect for this class! Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below!

    The next video in the series is an active intro where Steph will take you through the basic punches so you are ready f...

  • Boxing Intro with Explanation of Punches, Steps, and Stance

    Episode 2

    Hey Fighters!

    This is an introductory video, to make sure you are familiar with the stance, steps, punches, etc that we will use in classes going forward! Our boxing classes won't include any special equipment, so don't worry if you don't have gloves or bags at home!

    Steph and Claire are certif...

  • 4-14-20 Boxing

    Episode 3

    Hey Fighters!

    Welcome to boxing! This is the first full-length class designed to incorporate some of the moves Steph described in the introduction video. Please watch that if this is your first exposure to boxing as it should be very helpful. This may be a very new skill so give yourself grace, ...

  • 4-17-20 Boxing

    Episode 4

    Hey Fighters!

    Welcome to the second boxing class. These classes do not necessarily go in order, except for the first two in which you will find similar sequences and a little slower pace than the following. Remember to watch the introduction video prior to this class if you do not have experienc...

  • 4-21-20 Boxing

    Episode 5

    Hey Fighters!

    Today’s boxing class will add some defensive moves! We will continue to work on combinations and agility in multiple planes and positions. We will also add some new functional core exercises that will help with rising from the ground and getting out of any chair.

    Remember to watc...

  • 4-24-20 Boxing

    Episode 6

    Hey Fighters!

    Today’s boxing class is very lunge heavy! Having a strong and stable base is key for getting faster and more powerful punches. You may want to have a chair nearby for balance support as we work on sinking lower into our lunges.

    Remember to watch the introduction video prior to t...

  • 4-28-20 Boxing

    Episode 7

    Hey Fighters!

    There will not be any punching breaks during today’s class! We will be punching our way through our agility as well as boxing sequences. This class will continue to work on our ability to lunge in multiple directions, learning how to pivot and propel our bodies towards our target. ...

  • 5-1-20 Boxing

    Episode 8

    Hey Fighters!

    Today’s class will add in more defense moves. We will get to feel how powerful our bodies can be even without throwing a punch! We will also continue to work on a variety of jumping variations. Our jumping muscles are also the muscles that can help us pack more speed and power behi...

  • 5-5-20 Boxing

    Episode 9

    Hey Fighters!

    We will add in some new agility moves today by focusing on muscles of our upper extremities. You will need to have a chair nearby as we use it for support of our upper body as well as a target for our toe taps. Today I will also introduce a little target training for our punches.

  • 5-8-20 Boxing

    Episode 10

    Hey Fighters!

    We are mixing things up today. I recommend having two small objects you can have on the floor as targets to move around. Ideas include small hand weights, pillows, water bottles, etc. It can be anything that you can easily see and safely maneuver around. In addition to these new ag...

  • 5-12-20 Boxing

    Episode 11

    Hey Fighters!

    Today’s class will take us through some progressions and variations of the common high knee and butt kick exercises we often do. It is so fun to learn all the different ways we can slightly change an exercise and have it feel completely different.

    Remember to watch the introducti...

  • 5-15-20 Boxing

    Episode 12

    Hey Fighters!

    Today we will put both our bodies and brains to work! We will be working on new boxing combinations and a variety of new jumps. It is even more important now, as we advance our combinations, to make sure you are verbalizing your punches. Yell the names, say different sounds, or eve...

  • 5-19-20 Boxing

    Episode 13

    Hey Fighters!

    No break from punches today! We will be doing punches during all of our agility moves as well as adding the emphasis on target training. When we focus our punches on a specific target we are training a system known as proprioception. This is our ability for our bodies to know where...

  • 5-22-20 Boxing

    Episode 14

    Hey Fighters!

    Today we will be learning more combinations. Say them along with me as we bring more blood to our bodies and brains today! Agility and core work will work on lateral movement to enhance our stability as we keep learning how to move faster and stronger.

    Remember to watch the intro...

  • 5-26-20 Boxing

    Episode 15

    Hey Fighters!

    It has been awhile since we brought out our imaginary speed bags! Today we are them bringing, as well as some of our defense combinations. Get ready to move.

    Remember to watch the introduction video prior to this class if you do not have experience with boxing to familiarize yours...

  • 5-29-20 Boxing

    Episode 16

    Hey Fighters!

    The next couple classes, we will continue to learn new combinations. We will be stringing together our four basic punches in a variety of ways. If you are not familiar with these punches, I highly recommend watching the introduction and going back to some of the earlier classes. Th...