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Watch this video and more on Rogue In Motion


4-21-20 Boxing


Up Next in April - May 2020

  • 4-24-20 Boxing

    Hey Fighters!

    Today’s boxing class is very lunge heavy! Having a strong and stable base is key for getting faster and more powerful punches. You may want to have a chair nearby for balance support as we work on sinking lower into our lunges.

    Remember to watch the introduction video prior to t...

  • 4-28-20 Boxing

    Hey Fighters!

    There will not be any punching breaks during today’s class! We will be punching our way through our agility as well as boxing sequences. This class will continue to work on our ability to lunge in multiple directions, learning how to pivot and propel our bodies towards our target. ...

  • 5-1-20 Boxing

    Hey Fighters!

    Today’s class will add in more defense moves. We will get to feel how powerful our bodies can be even without throwing a punch! We will also continue to work on a variety of jumping variations. Our jumping muscles are also the muscles that can help us pack more speed and power behi...