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Watch this video and more on Rogue In Motion


5-8-20 Boxing


Up Next in April - May 2020

  • 5-12-20 Boxing

    Hey Fighters!

    Today’s class will take us through some progressions and variations of the common high knee and butt kick exercises we often do. It is so fun to learn all the different ways we can slightly change an exercise and have it feel completely different.

    Remember to watch the introducti...

  • 5-15-20 Boxing

    Hey Fighters!

    Today we will put both our bodies and brains to work! We will be working on new boxing combinations and a variety of new jumps. It is even more important now, as we advance our combinations, to make sure you are verbalizing your punches. Yell the names, say different sounds, or eve...

  • 5-19-20 Boxing

    Hey Fighters!

    No break from punches today! We will be doing punches during all of our agility moves as well as adding the emphasis on target training. When we focus our punches on a specific target we are training a system known as proprioception. This is our ability for our bodies to know where...