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Watch this video and more on Rogue In Motion

Plant-Based Cooking Classes

Easy Vegan Pesto and a Roasted Veggie, Chickpea & Pesto Quinoa Salad!


Up Next in 2021

  • Farro Bowls, Vegan Chipotle Ranch, Ca...

    This class first aired on 4-5-21!

    We have been talking about “meal prep” quite a bit these days. Erin’s recipes are pretty much always ones where you can make a big batch and have left overs, but this week

    Erin has really outdone herself with food for multiple meals with different flavors! We ...

  • Vegan Empanadas!

    This cooking class aired live on 3-29-21!

    This week Erin will be making vegan empanadas! Another brand new recipe for many of us! I can’t wait!

    Click here for the recipe:

  • Tex-Mex Sorghum Chili and an Easy Veg...

    This class first aired on 3-22-21!

    We continue to try new things! We learned from Dr. Mischley that ancient grains are particularly healthy and that’s why we are exploring new ones like Sorghum! I don’t think any of us have had it before so this is exciting! Erin will be making a Tex-Mex Sorghum...