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Watch this video and more on Rogue In Motion

Plant-Based Cooking Classes

More Italian Recipes! Lentil Eggplant Stuffed Shells and Pesto n' Zoodles!!


Up Next in 2020

  • Vegan Sushi and Poke Bowl! Plus a bon...

    Recorded on: 6-15-20

    Yummy! We had a request for vegan sushi and Erin delivered! Making sushi rolls is a little bit of work, so Erin also showed how the same ingredients can made into a poke bowl! Erin found a recipe to make tomatoes into a veggie spicy tuna!

    We have also all decided this shak...

  • Kale Vegan Caesar Salad, Wrap and Lem...

    Recorded on: 6-22-20

    This week recipes included a lot of staples that are great to make and use in all sorts of dishes (like roasted chickpeas), but today Erin made us a Kale Caesar Salad, Wrap and a lemon Tahini Dressing!

    For the recipes head here!

  • Granola, Oatmeal Cookies and an Immun...

    Recorded 6-29-20

    Today Erin showed us how to make our own granola, so we can make a healthier version that what we can buy in stores. Granola often has added sugar and more oil than necessary! We can play around with ingredients like nuts (more or less) depending if we are trying to gain some we...