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Watch this video and more on Rogue In Motion


6-5-20 Boxing


Up Next in June - July 2020

  • 6-9-20 Boxing

    Hey Fighters!

    Hope your legs are ready for today! We are doing four different versions of squats. When we walk, reach, push, squat or any normal daily movements we often move in multiple planes of motion without realizing it. During our squats, we are going to feel what it’s like to perform this...

  • 6-16-20 Boxing

    Hey Fighters!

    Today we are working on our basic punches and learning some new combinations. We will also test out some new agility moves. We will see how high our heart rates can get by extending our reaches a little further, dropping our legs a little lower and twisting a lot deeper.


  • 6-23-20 Boxing

    Hey Fighters!

    We spend our days moving forward, reaching forward, working straight on; it’s time we get moving sideways. Make sure you are confident in your balance and steps today. We will be shuffling through our agility intervals on purpose today.

    Remember to watch the introduction video p...