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Watch this video and more on Rogue In Motion

Modifications + Variations

Modified PWR! Moves On Your Back

8m 53s

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  • Modified All 4s PWR! Moves with Chair

    Having trouble doing exercises on hands and knees? Maybe because of arthritis in your hands or stiffness in your hips? No problem! In this video, Emily will show you how to modify the hands and knees exercises by using your hands on the chair to make the exercises just a little more accessible to...

  • Modified PWR! Moves On Your Belly

    Having difficulty with exercises on your belly? Do you have low back pain when exercising on your belly? Then this video is for you! Join Emily as she shows you how to modify exercises on your belly by placing a pillow or blanket under your hips to take pressure off your back!

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  • Variations - Bear Position PWR! Moves

    Join Emily in this challenging new PWR! Move position: bear position/downward facing dog (hovering your knees off the ground)!

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