Medication Optimization Educational Package

Medication Optimization Educational Package

Optimizing your dopamine medications to work for YOU is essential for living your best life with Parkinson's. Dr. Claire McLean, neurological clinical specialist and physical therapist, discusses the research and importance behind optimizing your dopamine medications in this 3 part video series.

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Medication Optimization Educational Package
  • Optimal Medication

    For people with Parkinson's medication is a big piece of the puzzle. When to start medication and how to optimize it over time are very important topics! Here are just a few things I've learned that I would like to share with you!

  • Medication Optimization Part 1 - November Educational Lecture

    Our Educational Meeting in November was the 1st in a 3 part series about medication optimization!

    Click here for the webpage with the resources discussed in the meeting:

  • Medication Optimization Part 2 - December Educational Lecture

    Welcome to Part 2 of our medication optimization meeting!

    Relevant articles and links at our website:

  • Medication Optimization Part 3 - December Educational Meeting

    In our 3rd part of the series, we discussed Dr. Eric Ahlskog's article published in 2011 outlining what Levodopa can help with, how to start, and get optimized on the medication!

    For more information go to our webpage with links and info:

  • Food As Medicine Part 1 - February 2021 Educational Lecture

    This meeting was presented live on 2-13-21!

    What we eat matters and I presented quite a bit of research!

    Let's drink more water, cut down on dairy products, get more of our protein from plants and eat more fresh fruits and veggies!

    For more information and links to the research, click here: ht...

  • Exercise is Medicine Part 1 - Aerobic Exercise January 2021 Educational Meeting

    We are starting the year with our favorite topic!

    In this meeting we discuss a few personal stories of all the different ways that exercise can help people improve their health and lives! We also discuss the extensive scientific research supporting exercise for people with Parkinson's and final...

  • Exercise Is Medicine Part 2 - Skilled Exercise - June 2021 Educational Meeting!

    Our June Educational Meeting was jam packed!

    Aerobic Exercise is very important, but so is skilled exercise! There are a lot of different types of exercise to discuss and I did my best to cover the research and our clinical experience here!

    Let me know if you have any questions!