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Watch this video and more on Rogue In Motion

Educational Lectures

December 2022 - Parkinson's + Low Blood Pressure - Educational Lecture

1h 24m

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  • Meditation + Mindfulness May Educatio...

    Here we discuss the benefits of meditation and mindfulness for people with Parkinson's! (It is really something we should all be doing!!!)

  • Reducing Our Risk of Falls! August Ed...

    Falls can happen to anyone, but are more common in people who have Parkinson's. There are many things you can do to reduce your risk of falls and improve your balance!

    For more information and to see the slides click here:

  • Intro to Using Trekking Poles - May 2...

    This meeting was live on zoom on 5-15-21.

    Trekking/Walking/Hiking Poles are a great addition to any walking and exercise program!

    Here we talk about the specific benefits for people with Parkinson's, the different types available, how to use them for walking and for other exercise!