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Watch this video and more on Rogue In Motion

Educational Lectures

Goal Setting for the New Year

1h 17m

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  • Social Health in Parkinson's

    The topic for our educational talk this month was social health in Parkinson's. Emily discusses what social health is, why it's important, and research as it pertains to people with Parkinson's. We also had several of our online members join in to discuss strategies to help stay connected and imp...

  • In-Person and Online Wellness Assessm...

    In this talk, Emily discusses the in-person and online wellness assessments for people with Parkinson's and why it's important to get them ideally every 6 months to proactively address issues and guide your exercise and wellness plan. These assessments including strength, mobility, endurance, bal...

  • Freezing of Gait - September 2021 Edu...

    Freezing of Gait is a symptom that some people experience.

    In this months educational meeting, Emily explains what Freezing of Gait is, and what you can do about it!